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Meet The Team


The award winning Simulated interPRofessional Team Training Programme at Royal Brompton Hospital was founded by mostly voluntary health care providers at the frontline, in order to meet a need for increased awareness of human factor training so that patient care and safety could be improved.

Our vision is to engage all staff involved in patient care in order to improve patient safety and outcome through improved team working and crisis resource management (CRM).

Dr Margarita Burmester
Programme Director
Dr Mary Lane
Programme Director
Kumi De Costa
Lead Nurse
Malia Grant
SPRinT Deputy Lead Nurse
Dr Cecilia Korb
SPRinT Research Fellow
James Woods
Technical consultant
Dr Ajay Desai
SPRinT Faculty
Sadiya Uddin
Judy Cotterill
SPRinT Faculty
Neil West
SPRinT Faculty
Helena Sampaio
SPRinT Faculty
Dan Fossey
SPRinT Faculty
Dr Amy Chan-Dominy
SPRinT Faculty
Abhishek Narayanan
SPRinT Faculty
Andreas Hoschtitzky
Cardiothoracic Consultant
Iryna Atamanyuk
Cardiothoracic Fellow
Lidia Casanueva
SPRinT Faculty

SPRinT Alumni