10th anniversary

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Celebrating our 10th anniversary

The SPRinT team are delighted this year to be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the inception of SPRinT at the Royal Brompton Hospital. Our innovative programme was started in 2008 by frontline healthcare providers who recognized the need to increase awareness of human factors in clinical care, and since then it has gone from strength to strength.

Read our SPRinT 2017 annual report here!

How we’ve grown

From an initial group of 14 interprofessional enthusiasts, our faculty has now swelled to a faculty of 25 people and growing and we have teams running regular in-situ simulation courses every week in areas such as paediatric intensive care, the paediatric ward, adult HDU and adult intensive care, as well as sometimes in areas as diverse as Cath labs and the paediatric play room! To date x number of staff have undertaken at least 1 SPRinT team-training simulation event, with many have undertaken multiple simulations.

Outside our own institution we have trained 220 people on our introductory facilitators courses and a further 38 people have undertaken our extensive Advanced Facilitators courses.

The success of our programme has been recognised through national awards in education and training in patient safety, including STeLI Educational Excellence Innovation Awards (2010, 2011, 2012) and the HSJ Patient Safety Award 2015.

Join us in celebrating

To celebrate our 10th anniversary we will be hosting a number of events over the coming year including an update day for all the people who have previously attended our SPRinT facilitator’s courses.

Still moving forward

We continue to have a very active programme of innovation and research within the department. We aspire to build on the successes of the last 10 years, and move forward into the future. We currently have ongoing research projects looking at iterative simulation training, emergency resternotomy simulation, and we are embarking on an exciting and pioneering collaborative project with social scientists from UCL’s Centre for Multimodal Research looking at video recording and analysis of real clinical resuscitation events in the PICU setting.

The SPRinT team will also have a big presence at IPSSW 2018 in Amsterdam in May and will be presenting several oral and poster presentations, as well as delivering a workshop.

Keep in touch

We are always delighted to hear from previous course attendees and those who have been involved with SPRinT, and whether you’ve been closely involved with SPRinT before, are interested in hearing more about what we do, or want to get involved in the future, what better time to reach out to us than on our 10th Anniversary. You can make contact directly with the faculty, or we’re present on most forms of social media, so please do get in touch!

E-mail us on sprint@rbht.nhs.uk

Tweet us or follow us on twitter – @sprintsim

Contact us on facebook – https://www.facebook.com/sprintsimulation

Upcoming courses

As always, we continue to provide our world-class training courses with dates available throughout 2018/19. More information on these courses is available under the courses section of our website.