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Simulated interprofessional Team Training (SPRinT)

The Simulated interprofessional Team Training (SPRinT) programme delivers in-situ simulation courses focusing on crisis resource management and human factors to frontline, interprofessional NHS staff at Royal Brompton Hospital.

The aim is to improve team performance whilst managing clinical emergencies hence improve patient care and safety. The SPRinT team also runs simulation facilitator courses to enable faculty development for other hospitals, empowering them to replicate our successful programme.

A decade of successful team training

The programme was founded in 2008 by individual health care providers at the frontline, in order to meet a need for increased awareness of human factor training. We started with 14 interprofessional, cross-departmental faculty who underwent Harvard graduate and postgraduate simulation and adult learning courses.

The success of our programme has been recognised through national awards in education and training in patient safety, including STeLI Educational Excellence Innovation Awards (2010, 2011, 2012) and the HSJ Patient Safety Award 2015.

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Expertise in delivery of simulation in real clinical environment

We provide effective high quality, high fidelity embedded in situ simulation team training courses to all interprofessional staff involved in clinical emergency events, from healthcare assistants and play therapists to consultant cardiothoracic surgeons.

Staff attend our courses during their working time with all resources available on the real workplace. Our programme uses the most advanced simulation mannequins and our own patented models we have developed to recreate realistic life-threatening events and optimise engagement of all professionals.

What We Do

In-Situ training courses
Frontline NHS staff Trained
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National Awards
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