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SPRinT Leadership in CRISIS Scenarios

London’s Transformation and Learning Collaborative (LTLC), working with SPRinT simulation, are offering free places on the Leadership in CRISIS Scenarios online course.

Who is it for?

This one-day online course is aimed at people working in critical care across London who are already leaders, or who are about to become leaders for whom leadership skills will be relevant and important. The course is specific to those working in Adult Intensive Care, Perioperative Adult Medicine (e.g. HDU), Anaesthesia, Emergency Medicine, and would apply to senior staff returning to work as well as those stepping up into senior grade positions.

What does it deal with?

• Generic Professional Capabilities, as defined by the GMC .
• Professional leadership
• Team-working skills M,/c
• Specialty-specific skills and Decision-making
•Responding to generic and specialty-specific emergencies
• Self-confidence and self-perception in one’s clinical abilities
• Adjusting to new circumstances
• Knowledge gaps resulting from time out of practice (e.g. clinical protocol, policies and procedures)

What will I learn?

The first part of the day will be designed to emphasise conceptual knowledge with didactic teaching of crisis resource management principles. Emphasis on clinical leadership skills, situational awareness, and empowerment of participating teams would be included.

This would be followed by interactive learning of specific leadership examples of good clinical leadership, managing conflict, decision making and resuscitation management through video aids and discussions of characters in filmed vignette examples. The importance of followership and role allocation would also be taught.

Available dates

• Monday 28 September 2020
• Monday 05 October 2020
• Tuesday 06 October 2020
• Thursday 22 October 2020
• Monday 26 October 2020


08:45 – 16:15

Course contact

To register your place, please email ltlc@hee.nhs.uk
Download the course flyer here!