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Open-chest Model (TOM)

TOM is the world’s first high fidelity patented emergency resternotomy model. TOM has been specifically designed to facilitate high fidelity simulation of emergency resternotomy for cardiac deterioration/arrest following cardiac surgery. Emergency resternotomy is an integral and time-critical part of resuscitation following cardiac surgery that requires efficient teamworking between all members of the multi-disciplinary team.

Designed and developed by clinicians and educators, TOM is the only model on the market able to replicate the level of realism required to engage the entire multi-disciplinary healthcare team in emergency resternotomy. TOM is ideal for team training within the cardiac intensive care and operating theatre setting, and has the capability to simulate a realistic tamponade or catastrophic haemorrhage.


  • Life-like facial features and hair
  • Durable fiberglass body

  • Hand painted for a highly realistic finish
  • Realistic silicone skin over chest
  • Suitable for supine or semi-recumbent positions
  • Pre-made incision in skin
  • Reinforced silicone skin and fat layers, allowing realistic suturing
  • Durable retractable sternum with pre-made holes for sternal wires closure
  • Patented sternal resistance mechanism to provide convincing feel on reopening
  • Realistic chest and pericardial cavity with ribs, sternum, heart, & diaphragm (please note lungs are not included in cavity)
  • Silicone heart has accurate external anatomy and allows internal cardiac massage to be performed
  • Endotracheal tube in-situ
  • Accommodates assisted ventilation via bag valve mask and mechanical support (please note – chest does not rise)
  • Central venous access established
  • May give drugs and fluids as required
  • Arterial access with ability to aspirate simulated blood gases
  • 2 sets of chest drains included (patent and blocked)
  • Drains interchangeable for individual scenario requirements

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Package 1 (Premium)

3000£per day
  • TOM hire for the whole day
  • SPRinT team member to facilitate the course delivery and debriefing
  • Travel within the UK for one person with TOM
  • TOM set up for a full scenario.
  • Access to a range of TOM scenarios developed by SPRinT team
  • Printed educational materials covering the scenario
  • All materials and consumables
  • Cover for accidental damage repair up to £1000 (anything above will be charged separately)

Package 2 (Standard)

2000£per day
  • TOM hire for the whole day
  • Boxed TOM with set up instructions with manual and video
  • Any accidental damage will be charged separately.
  • Transport for TOM, full set up, and clean up. (NOT INCLUDED)