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World Class Training

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World Class Training

The SPRinT programme faculty have undergone extensive facilitation and debriefing training nationally and internationally, including Boston Children’s/Harvard graduate and postgraduate training. The programme is quality controlled by regular performance review of faculty (video assisted) and continual evaluation of the programme success in meeting participants’ educational and personal objectives. New faculty are introduced through a structured training and mentoring curriculum.

SPRinT faculty are also actively involved in the educational committees for the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), the Paediatric Intensive Care Society (PICS), Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare (ASPiH) and the International Paediatric Simulation Society (IPSS).

Our Courses

Since 2011, the SPRinT team have successfully bid to deliver Faculty development courses, with all courses mean participants’ self-evaluation >85% positive. The SPRinT programme has also collaborated in bids to deliver ST3 simulation training and ST4 facilitator training for London School of Paediatrics since 2010, and faculty from SPRinT have been invited to run bespoke courses across the UK and internationally.

SPRinT Simulation Faculty Development Course

The SPRinT Simulation Faculty Development Course aims to empower all participants to develop simulation as a powerful learning tool in their workplace. It is suitable for SHOs, fellows and consultants from all specialties, as well as educators, healthcare leaders, nurses and allied health professionals interested in facilitating simulation courses.

In this course, our team teaches the Advocacy with Inquiry method of debriefing, which we have been using in our practice since 2009.

This two-day programme utilises all of the facilities of SPRinT and provides knowledge of the principles of adult learning, learning cycles and how simulation can be used in healthcare to enrich learning, enhance individual and team performance, and improve patient safety. It is an intensely mentored course with video feedback for reflective learning. This course is ideally suited to up to 20 candidates per course.

You can download the course flyer Here



Nov 4th & Nov 10th(hybrid – online/ face to face )

Clinical Skills & Simulation Centre Royal Brompton Hospital, South Parade, London SW3 6LL

For more information, please contact: or call 020 7352 8121 ext 82758.

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SPRinT in-situ simulation Faculty Development course

The SPRinT in-situ simulation Faculty Developnent course is suitable for senior fellows and consultants from all specialties as well as senior nurses and allied health professionals who have completed the SPRinT Simulation Faculty Development course (above) and are interested in setting up and embedding an in-situ simulation programme at their own work place.

The programme consists of 4 full day sessions held over the period of 4 months. It utilises all of the facilities of SPRinT and builds on prior knowledge of the principles of adult learning, learning cycles and how simulation complements multi-disciplinary team performance. It is an advanced, intensely mentored course with video feedback for reflective learning and includes printed material and remote support of participants’ own programme development. The course teaches participants how to set up, deliver and debrief in situ simulations by supporting participants each session to deliver more and more of our in situ SPRinT simulations. This course is suited to up to 5 candidates per course. Save

Funded (free) places available for those working within North West London! 

You can download the course flyer Here

SPRinT in-situ simulation Faculty Development course 2023:

18 September – Cardiology Seminar Room RBH

23 October – Cardiology Seminar Room RBH

20 November – Cardiology Seminar Room RBH

11 December – Cardiology Seminar Room RBH

Royal Brompton Hospital, Sydney Street, SW3 6NP

For more information, contact or 020 7351 8546.

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Paediatric Cardiac Emergencies course

The Paediatric Cardiac Emergency course is designed for doctors and nurses working in paediatrics, PICU, A&E, NICU and anaesthesia. This one-day course focuses on the diagnosis and management of paediatric cardiac diseases presenting as clinical emergencies.

World leading and award winning specialists deliver lectures on tachyarrthymias, duct dependent and cyanotic congenital lesions, and delivering anaesthetic for the compromised neonate. Crisis resource management / human factors issues are covered, giving confidence in how to manage these sick and challenging neonates. The day is completed by a full afternoon of hands on simulations of cardiac emergencies to allow practice of all these principles.

“Excellent course. The grip of fear in managing this group is lifted.

At least I have a system to manage and what to consider.”



This course is free for participants inside the London region. A limited number of places are available for those outside this region Consultants – £300 Trainees – £250 Nurses – £150

Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre, South Parade, SW3 6LL

All refreshments including lunch are provided.

Please note spaces for this course are limited because of hands-on simulation sessions. Completed registration forms and full payment must be received before the course to secure your place. Confirmation of booking will be sent by email and post after payment has been processed.

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(LIME) Leadership In Medical Emergencies course 

This new and innovative one day course is we believe unique in the UK in specifically targeting leadership skills during clinical emergencies. Research has shown that better leadership at emergencies correlates to better outcomes, yet clinical leadership skills are rarely taught specifically.

This course aims to teach crisis resource management / human factors skills with a specific focus on leadership by both medical and nursing staff.

This one day course aims to addresses generic issues like:-

  • Generic Professional Capabilities, as defined by the GMC.
  • Professional leadership.
  • Team-working skills.
  • Specialty-specific skills and Decision-making.
  • Responding to generic and specialty-specific emergencies.
  • Self-confidence and self-perception in one’s clinical abilities.
  • Adjusting to new circumstances.
  • Knowledge gaps resulting from time out of  practice (e.g. clinical protocol, policies and procedures).

You can download the course flyer Here

The first part of the day will be designed to emphasise conceptual knowledge with didactic teaching of crisis resource management principles.
Emphasis on clinical leadership skills, situational awareness, and empowerment of participating teams would be included.

This would be followed by interactive learning of specific leadership examples of good clinical leadership, managing conflict, decision making and end of
resuscitation management through video aids and discussions of characters in filmed vignette examples.

The importance of followership and role allocation would also be taught.
The rest of the day will involve simulation training scenarios with one lead participant acting as team leader and the rest of the participants acting as team members.

Formative feedback will be provided having collected real-time assessment data, in order to inform immediate formative feedback to learners.

The course will currently be specialty specific for the following groups :-
General paediatrics Paediatric anaesthesia Paediatric intensive care and High Dependancy Emergency Medicine.

Perioperative Adult Medicine (eg HDU) Anaesthesia Adult Intensive Care Emergency Medicine
It is suitable for health staff members who are already or are about to become leaders in emergency events for whom leadership skills will be relevant and important. This would apply to those returning to work as well as those stepping up into middle grade positions.

Leadership course 2023


£150 (NHS)

£250 (Non NHS)

Link to registration form

Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre,
Royal Brompton Hospital,
South Parade, London SW3 6LL

For more information, contact or 020 7351 8546.

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Bespoke simulation courses

Do you work outside North West London? Are you interested in attending a paid course in the future? Please let us know using a contact form below:

We also offer bespoke simulation courses which can be tailored to meet your specific simulation/crisis resource management learning outcomes.

Just send us an E-mail or use a contact form below for more information.

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21st London Congenital Heart Disease Course 


Dates: 18th & 20th June 2024

Time: 8am-9am (preprogram of CHD course)

Following the success of last year’s Introduction to Congenital Heart Disease Course, the Royal Brompton, Evelina Children’s Hospital and Great Ormond Street hospitals collaboration are pleased to announce the details of this year’s pre course simulation presentations from SPRinT Program.

There are two pre-course segments of simulation training on offer. On Tuesday the 18th June we have a face to face simulation training available. On Thursday the 20th of June, we have on offer a remote simulation session for those unable to attend face to face. These courses are aimed at all staff involved in the care of children with congenital heart disease. These sessions are and opportunity to practice and ask questions to enhance the learning received over the five-day course.

Please contact: or Joana Gracio; Senth Selvakumaran; Kumi De Costa

What our attendees Say

With over 1000 NHS professionals trained since 2008 the award winning SPRinT simulation programme – has earned a reputation as a top provider of simulation education.

Had a really productive day and it has helped me a lot to see how I can set up in situ simulation in my workplace

Really enjoyable challenging day. Learned a lot about giving feedback and also about my own style of communication.

Great emphasis on safe approach to simulation and debriefing. Very good, encouraging and inspiring and would highly recommend!

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