Kumi De Costa

Kumi De Costa RGN; BSc (Hons)
SPRinT Faculty
PICU Practice Educator, Royal Brompton Hospital

Kumi has been involved in SPRinT for over a decade now and was the founding nursing faculty for SPRinT back in 2008. She completed the Boston Children’s Hospital’s simulator instructor workshop (Harvard University) in 2009 and is a trained London STELI Simulation Facilitator (2008).

As a founding member, Kumi presented the SPRinT team’s earliest work on ‘Basic simulation training on a paediatric intensive care unit; improvement of practitioners’ confidence’ at the second International Paediatric Simulation Symposia and Workshops (IPSSW) back in 2008.

She was an early adopter of simulation education for the nursing teams in the PICU/ PHDU and the ward. Her interest in practice education and simulation as a modality to enhancing teaching and training in the clinical setting has led her to be involved in several publications of the SPRinT team, over the years. She’s organised and delivered local, national and international simulation demonstrations with the SPRinT team to showcase, in-situ multidisciplinary team training, guideline testing and system testing with fully immersive high fidelity simulations. She’s performed various oral presentations, poster presentations and workshops at local, national and international conferences, through her authorship of SPRinT work.

Kumi graduated as a general nurse and specialised in paediatric and then Paediatric intensive care nursing. She has worked in paediatric A&E, Paediatric surgical wards and most recently in PICU/PHDU at the Brompton Hospital. During her time involved in the SPRinT programme, she has been a Practice Educator in PICU before taking on the position of Lead Nurse coordinating the SPRinT programme, in 2018.

She is also member of the Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare (ASPiH), International Paediatric Simulation Symposia and Workshops (IPSSW) and the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH).

Kumi is responsible for several quality improvement projects involving latent threats found during in situ simulation training for multidisciplinary teams, focusing on improving communication and enhancing teamwork. She continues to be involved in interprofessional team training as a facilitator on all SPRinT courses.