Judy Cotterill

Judy Cotterill RGN, BSc
SPRinT Faculty
Ward manager/Lead Nurse – Post-Anaesthetic Care Unit (PACU) & Catheter labs

Judy completed the Boston Children’s Hospital’s simulator instructor workshop (Harvard University) in 2009 and is a trained London STELI Simulation Facilitator. She is currently Ward Manager/Lead Nurse for PACU & catheter labs and helps to lead the development of SPRinT within the Royal Brompton Hospital (RBHT). The SPRinT team has introduced simulation training in latent threats for multi-disciplinary teams focusing on improving communication in order to enhance team work in the workplace.

Judy has also completed the Team Resource Management (TEREMA) master class on Human Factors (HF) and now facilitates workshops on this topic. This course provides knowledge, skills and understanding which enables every professional to perform at their best, to get the best from their team and from the tools, technology and systems which they use.

Judy has presented and co-authored internationally several presentations and publications related to simulation, patient safety and human factors in the PACU environment. Judy is the ward manger/lead nurse of the post anaesthetic care unit (PACU) and catheter labs at the Royal Brompton Hospital, a leading tertiary centre in Europe for cardio thoracic surgery and respiratory medicine. Judy completed her nursing degree in Australia and has an intensive care (ICU), anaesthetic and recovery background in both adult and paediatrics.