Dr Mary Lane

Dr Mary Lane MBChB, FRCA
Director SPRinT programme
Consultant Paediatric and Congenital Cardiac Anaesthetist, Royal Brompton Hospital

Dr Lane joined the SPRinT programme in 2009, developing and leading the expansion of the Mobile SPRinT programme. She served as associate director in 2011 before becoming a Director in 2012. As a director, she has helped lead the development of SPRinT into an internationally recognised and national award winning programme.
Mary has a keen interest in medical education and human factor training, in particular using simulation with a focus on adult learning techniques to enhance and consolidate learning. She is a graduate of the Harvard/Children’s Hospital Boston Simulation Instructor Course (2010/11) and London Deanery Simulation Facilitation Training (2009). In 2015 she completed her Masters in Medical Education, awarded with distinction from the University of Bedfordshire.

Dr Lane has served on the Education Committee of the Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists since 2013 and as council member of the Patient Safety Section of the Royal Society of Medicine since 2016. As Chair of Royal Brompton’s Experts in Simulation Committee since 2015, she has overseen the implementation of several quality improvement initiatives to promote safe in-situ simulation.