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Dr Tanika Kelay


Dr Tanika Kelay
SPRinT Faculty
Knowledge Lab Research Fellow, University College London

Dr Tanika Kelay is a research fellow at University College London. She has a disciplinary background in psychology, with a focus on interdisciplinary research. Her research portfolio and interests lie in risk and crisis communication, and identifying barriers alongside developing tangible solutions for effective communication. She has previously held posts at Imperial College London, working at the Centre for Patient Safety and Service Quality, and the Centre for Engagement and Simulation Science.

Here, she was involved in projects focusing on the optimization of care pathways using simulation techniques and information technologies; and she worked closely with cardiology and aneasthetic consultants and teams to lead the design and implementation of a structured simulation-based training programme, concerning skill development and team communication in complex cardiac procedures, where key focus was on clinical skills assessment of individual and team-based performance, and evaluation.

Tanika joined the UCL Knowledge Labs in January 2017, working with Dr Jeff Bezemer and Dr Margarita Burmester at the Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust on a collaborative and interdisciplinary Wellcome Trust funded project. The focus of the project is on the development of a methodological, ethical and technological framework for video-researching clinical communication and teamwork during in hospital resuscitation in a paediatric intensive care unit.

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