SPRinT Team host meeting at Royal Society of Medicine

SPRinT Team host meeting at Royal Society of Medicine: In-situ simulation and human factors training – a new paradigm in patient safety.
Staff from the Simulated interPRofessional Team Training (SPRinT) programme joined international colleagues and members from the Patient Safety Section of the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) in hosting an all-day patient safety meeting on Thursday 24 September.
The event was well attended by healthcare professionals from across the country who were given an insight into how in-situ simulation training can be used to improve patient safety.

Mr Babulal Sethia, consultant cardiac surgeon at Royal Brompton and president of the RSM, welcomed delegates to the meeting before members of the SPRinT team gave presentations and held interactive workshops on topics including the benefits of in-situ simulation, how to set-up and run a sustainable programme, and the technology available to support this educational initiative.

Feedback from the event was very positive, with comments including “Excellent work being done at Royal Brompton,” and “Thank you. It was an enjoyable and insightful study day”.

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