SPRinT participates in Royal Brompton Cardiovascular and Respiratory BRU research event

SPRinT was delighted to participate at the research open day organised by the cardiovascular and respiratory biomedical research units (BRU) at the Royal Brompton. The open day provided staff, patients and members of the public, an opportunity to meet researchers and find out more about what they do. SPRinT team members demonstrated their simulation models and explained how in-situ simulation is used for educational purposes and for the goal of improved patient safety.

Attendees were encouraged to examine the life-like models and listen to their breath and heart sounds, and watch a video of an open-chest simulation scenario run by the SPRinT Team.
Research undertaken by the SPRinT programme was displayed as posters and SPRinT Team members discussed with attendees how this research is demonstrating the benefits of simulation and team training in healthcare.

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