International Paediatric Simulation Symposia 2019

SPRinT (Simulated InterPRofessional Team Training) had a highly successful team trip to Toronto at the end of May for the International Paediatric Simulation Symposia and Workshops conference. We were showcasing 4 posters and 1 oral presentation and took every opportunity to interact with other teams including the Simulation teams at Sick Kids Toronto and Sydney, to plan future research collaborations.

SPRinT and PICU fellow Cecilia Korb presenting her poster on parental perceptions of in-situ simulation, showing that 98% of parents agree that emergency simulation helps staff provide safer care for their child and only 14% of parents feel emergency in-situ simulations causes them additional anxiety. This fascinating research was contributed to by SPRinT nurse Sami Collins, who also contributed to research into a new Emergency Chest Re-opening model, which was showcased in another poster.

SPRinT fellow Jenny Woodruff presenting her poster on 6 years of incremental improvements to our Massive Blood Loss Protocol, improvements that were identified through 9 multi departmental simulations over these 6 years.

Honorary SPRinT fellow Marie-Pier Lirette speaking about our new clinical leadership course, and data showing participants’ improvement in confidence in leadership skills due to this new and exciting SPRinT course, which was planned and delivered by SPRinT directors Margarita Burmester and Mary Lane for the first time in October last year.

Conference highlights included assessment tools for Leadership, Debriefing – evidence and assessment of faculty – and Quality CPR research.

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