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Mr Olivier Ghez


Mr Olivier Ghez MD
Cardiothoracic SPRinT Consultant
Consultant in Paediatric Cardiac Surgery, Chair of Children’s Heart Services, Royal Brompton Hospital

Mr Ghez studied at the Marseille and Marie Lannelongue Hospitals in Paris, France and Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK, and specialises in neonatal and congenital heart defect surgery. He has research experience from Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA, and has participated in research studies of congenital heart disease operations and of emergency circulatory support in children.

He is a regular reviewer for the European Journal of Cardio thoracic Surgery and other surgical publications.
Mr Ghez has a keen interest in surgical simulation in particular for clinical performance, team dynamics and conflict management. He was appointed Cardiothoracic SPRinT Consultant in 2010, and has contributed to the design of innovative cardiothoracic models enabling realism of emergency cardiothoracic crises.

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