Dr Jenny Woodruff

Dr Jenny Woodruff BMBCh MA (Oxon)
SPRinT Research Fellow
PICU Clinical Fellow, Royal Brompton Hospita

Jenny has been working in Paediatrics since 2009, undergoing her training in the Oxford area. She took time out to spend a year in Uganda in 2015 working in a government children’s hospital as part of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health’s Global Links programme. She became interested in simulation when running neonatal resuscitation courses in Uganda where the mannequins kept breaking, nurses had to leave to go back to clinical duties, and there were too many participants to fit in the room. Despite these difficulties, the simulations were hugely effective in improving practice, plus everyone had a great time doing them.

Jenny is an instructor for both Newborn Life Support and Advanced Paediatric Life Support courses. She joined the SPRinT programme in 2019 aiming to develop her skills at delivering simulation training and also to develop research into simulation. Her research interests include applying lessons learnt from airline industry Crisis Resource Management into the field of medicine, and identifying latent threats with the use of in-situ simulation.